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About us – We’re a crew of passionate accountants, bookkeepers and strategists.

We find the opportunities that other tax agents and bookkeepers overlook. Please find out more about us as we strive to always be good with numbers, but more importantly, great with people. We believe that your financial optimisation is best achieved when we know your business and you personally. We find the opportunities in your financials that align with what is important to you. We ultimately work to enhance the relationship you have with your business.

Our Melbourne accounting practice has been around for a while! Ingrams’ history dates back to 1938! The practice was founded by Mr H Dudley Ingram, who teamed up with Mr Curtis Reid to become the first independent educator of the accounting profession in Melbourne. Both taught night classes to assist trainee accountants and returned service members after World War II. The firm operated in Swanston Street for over fifty years before moving to the current South Yarra location.

The values born all those years ago of being good with numbers and great with people through education today. Read further to find out more about us.

Our values

Whole truths

Accounting can be complex, but we are not. Our accounting experts make complicated financial decisions easy to understand. And, if we can’t help your business – we’ll tell you upfront. What to know more about us?

Accountable to you

We help you get on top of your numbers and stay on top of your numbers.

We’re not just for the now; we’re in it for the long run. What to know more about us?

Good with numbers

We hunt down the gaps in the fiscals and seek gaps in your business operations.

We’re all about carving out your success. What to know more about us?

Great with people

The team wants you to enjoy good bookkeeping and simple accounting. Being great with people is all about education – you teach us about your business and personal goals. And, together, we optimise the numbers. What to know more about us?

Meet your accounting experts

Chris Sheppard


Chris is your tax planning and business structure, go-to guy. If you want to tax-it-easy, drop him a line. The more complex the tax issue, the more you need Chris. Chris lives and breathes numbers and has found the fun in accounting for quite some time. What to know more about us?

Henry Viljoen


Henry specialises in business transformation, combining over two decades of corporate sales and management experience with a genuine passion for helping small-to-medium businesses achieve measurable personal success. What to know more about us?

Cathy Sheppard


With an eye like no other and master number untangler, Cathy’s extreme attention to detail ensures your numbers add up and that every receipt is accounted for. Plus, she’s Xero Advisor and Payroll Certified. What to know more about us?

Partner Services


As we like to make your life easier with our accounting, we also like to collaborate with service partners can help you achieve your goals. Find out more about our list of trusted Melbourne go-to referral partners. What to know more about us?

The Ingrams Accounting process

Contact us

Get in touch if you’re ready to have a better relationship with your business’s numbers. It doesn’t matter if you are small, medium-sized, a large enterprise, or in between; we can help you no matter how easy or complex your business is. What to know more about us?

15-minute consultation

We want to know a bit about where your numbers are at, but more than that, we want to ask questions about what makes you and your business tick. And what we can do with accounting and strategy to make it great. What to know more about us?

Number crunching + reporting

Sure we’ll prepare your tax return and lodge it on your behalf, but more than that, we’ll help you discover the reports that inform strategic decisions and get you on track with good number management. What to know more about us?

Processes + education

We’ll work to simplify your accounting processes and help you discover how being good with numbers can make you and your business great. Together, we optimise your future business outcomes and personal achievements. What to know more about us?

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