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Accounting obligations done easy

Keep your financial reporting up to date and aligned to ATO requirements. If you’re always stressing about lodging your business tax or personal tax, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of whether you use Xero, MYOB, Reackon Accounts, your own internal accounting software or a DIY spreadsheet, we can help prepare your financial reporting for ATO lodgement. We’ll work out the administration headaches that are holding you back so you can just tax-it-easy.

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Accounts preparation strategy

If you’re worried about changing accountants or, worse still, how much it might cost to have your accounts processed, we invite you to book a FREE 15-minute Tax It Easy consultation with Ingram’s accountant. We want good accounting to be accessible to everyone and believe that providing value for money service is where it starts.

Complex tax strategy

Most businesses are as unique as the individuals that work there. We get that running a business and the finances can be complex and that different managers worry about different things. That’s why we love managing complex tax strategies and educating you on how to make it easier. We essentially prepare strategies with good numbers that are great for your people.

Common questions

Why do I need an accountant for my business?

An accountant will help optimise your taxation outcomes. They will make sure you meet your tax obligations, help you identify savings and highlight opportunities to enhance your business. Rather than asking why do I need to use an accountant, the question you should ask yourself:

+ Do I enjoy doing the bookkeeping and accounting?
+ Is doing my own accounting a good use of my time?
Do I have the time to stay up-to-date with ATO compliance?
+ Is it risky to my business to try to go alone with my tax?

If the answer is yes, contact us to find out how we can help take away all your bookkeeping and accounting worries.

Where can I find a good accountant in Melbourne?

Finding a good accountant is very much like dating.  Get to know them first before committing to something you might regret later.  The best advice we can offer is:

+ Do your research.
+ Check they are good with numbers and great with people.
+ Check their website, Google reviews, talk to them.
+ Get a sense of whether they listen intently when talking about your business and personal circumstances.
+ Finally, if it’s not going well early in the relationship, the sooner you move on to a different accountant, the better for everyone.

Why is setting a budget important?

Think of a budget as your lifestyle lifeline. Cash flow planning helps you to track your business’s performance against your forecast and helps prepare for unforeseen circumstances. When you are in control of your budget, you are in control of your business and life outside business.

Why is it important to complete financial statements?

Financial statements are important because they:
+ detail information about the health of your organisation.
+ help drive informed business decisions.
+ provide owners and investors with a summary of the year’s financial results.
may be requested by bankers and lenders when you are seeking finance, either personally or for your business.

Why do I need a financial statement for my SMSF?

It is a compliance requirement that the trustees of the super fund arrange an audit each year, therefore financial statements need to be prepared as part of the SMSF audit process which involves these statements being audited.

How often should I be reviewing my financial figures?

Well, this all depends on the type and size of your business. However, any small business really should be checking their figures at least monthly or quarterly.  If you wait too long, you run the risk of playing catch up with issues that could have been dealt with earlier.  You want to try to give yourself as much flexibility as possible with your decision making around your numbers.

If you are not confident about how to do this and what you should be looking for, we are happy to help.  You can book regular check-ins with either a bookkeeper or accounting optimisation specialist. We can establish if all you need is a little bit of training or more comprehensive health-check meetings to keep things on track.

What is an example of something useful my financial statements can tell me?

One of the most useful things to look at on your financial statement is your working capital.  Your working capital is your current assets, less current liabilities.  If your current assets are greater than your current liabilities, it shows you can cover your short term liabilities. If the result is the other way around and your current liabilities are greater than the assets, it indicates that you may be facing short-term cash flow challenges.

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