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Great partnered services

Our partnered services will make your life easier with our accounting, we like to highlight opportunities to improve your business. For instance, we might recommend a financial planner, insurance broker, mortgage broker, IT support services, solicitor or even marketing. When this happens, we only want you to get the best experience.

That’s why over the last few years, we have been testing and narrowing down our trusted partner list – the perfect go-to partners for good service and great aligned outcomes.

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Don’t just take our word for it

While at Ingrams, we have found our own referral partners that we are happy to recommend, we also encourage you to do your own research before engaging with a like-minded professional business service. After all, the quality of their services will directly impact your business and overall accounting optimisation outcomes.

Common referral partners

While at Ingrams, we have found our own referral partners that we are happy to recommend, we also encourage you to do your own research before engaging with a professional business service. The quality of their services will directly impact your business outcomes.

Common questions we get about referral partners

Why do I need a financial planner when I've got an accountant?

This is a question we are often asked.  A financial planner can provide specialist advice around wealth creation, personal insurances and retirement planning.

By working collaboratively, we can work to ensure that your personal financial plans :
+ align with your business strategic plan.
+ are tax optimised.
+ provide asset and financial protection for you and your family’s future.

Why would an accountant recommend a mortgage broker?

Because part of our job as your accountant is to help you manage budgets and outgoings. And as loans are a business outgoing, they should be optimised to align with your accounting strategy.  As such, a good mortgage broker will work with you to ensure that your loan structures are aligned to meet the strategic needs of your business and personal circumstances.

Contact us today for a referral with our mortgage broker partner, BCP Finance | Home Loans | Business Loans | Corporate Loans

Why would my accountant recommend marketing?

Accountants and marketing strategists are often seeking the same goal – to optimise the business to make it more successful. If we can see that your sales and business success would be positively affected by an increased marketing budget, then we won’t hesitate to suggest it.

Why would my accountant recommend a solicitor?

It is very common for us to refer our clients to a solicitor. They are essential to protecting your personal and business interests. For instance, we would recommend their advice to assist with preparing:
+ Lease agreements.
+ Employment contracts.
+ Shareholder and unitholder agreements.

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